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Backgrounds for Scrapbooks Page 1

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free picnic summer page topper with critter insects

NOTE: Images below are Thumbnails only of our Members Scrapbook Page sets. They are not full size images and are here so you can see exactly what your PrincessCrafts Membership gets you. This is only a small sample of the over 5000 page templates you get with your membership and scrapbook templates in your Membership come in 8.5x11, 12x12 and 11x8.5 Landscape format.

blue tan plaid kilts looking   green patterned checks    mauve patterned paper

striped red pink   blue stitched panels   bright rainbow striped slats

Background 116         Background 117         Background 118



bright bold colored pink textures   pastel yellow originals   pink light squiggles


striped  bold green blue grey    pretty in pink girlie squiggles   checkered pink tan dots

Background 119       Background 120       Background 121



pastel rainbow tiles girl appeal   pale plaid neutral colors    bold green computer-generated
bright striped computer lay outs   pastel rainbow green yellow    purple bold scratches girls like


Background 122       Background 123       Background 124



tiger print animals   leopard printed animals furry    blue green layered look


animal zebra printed big game hunters   animal brown textured    green stripes designed backs


Background 125       Background 126       Background 127




brown decorated backs   tan-red checkers squares   orange yellow squares


textures of paper   brown red dashed tire tread looking   plaid computer generated orange yellow brown whites


Background 128       Background 129       Background 130



Free Page Topper - Right click and "Save Target As..."

free mountain themed camping page topper