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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with Answers


Index of Questions:


Troubling logging into the member's area

Error Messages and Password Errors

            Paid Members Area –vs- the Mini-Course Training

            Why do I need a password?

            How do I get around?

            Problems downloading

            I can’t find it

            MS Office as the default

            Use of sites by schools

            Site Overview – What do I get?



Question: Trouble Logging Into The Members Area


I tried to enter the Members Area but when I type in my password the password screen keeps coming back blank asking for it again.




All passwords are in lower case letters with numbers on the ends.  Make sure your software is not capitalizing the first letters.


Then, make sure you are using your Annual Members User name and Password in the paid sites members areas and not attempting to use the FREE Scrapbooking 101 Tutorials user name and password from the tutorial training area. 


The tutorials members area (training area) has it's own user name and password supplied in the lessons where needed.  And, the Training Area user name and password does not work on the main sites paid Membership areas.  This is also the case in reverse; your paid membership user name and password will not work in the tutorial training area.  So, please make sure you are using the correct information in the proper areas.  (See Also: Flicks Errors Below)


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Question:  Flicks (or Flix) and Password errors?


I tried to enter the Members Area but flicks denies me access when I type in my pass word and the password screen keeps coming back blank asking for it again.




Some software security will not tell our security software who it is and therefore our system will not let it into the area.  If you are getting any kind of error message, then you will need to make us a trusted site so that our security and yours will talk to one another. 


Do this by:


In "Internet Explorer" on the top menu... choose "Tools" and then "Internet Options."  Now select the "Security" tab.  Click once on the "Trusted sites" icon if not already highlighted and then press the "Sites" button on the right. 


In the new window, Uncheck the box for "Require server verification..." 


Now just type in our complete site url:


in the top line where is says Add this web site to the zone:  


Once you do that, just press the Add button.  Repeat for the other two sites and select "OK" in all the open boxes. 


That should now allow our security to talk freely and allow your username and passwords to function to get you into the member’s areas.


If you are using anything other than Explorer, then you can get to the same boxes and tabs through the Windows Start menu:  Start - Settings – Control Panel - Security Center - Internet Options button.


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Question:  How do I get to the Paid Members Area –vs- the Mini-Course Training Area?


I have been unable to get to the members area.  Please help.





First, to access the paid members area, please use the link on the main site. Found in the upper left blue area.


Your Annual Membership user name and password that you created when you purchased your course and/or membership is the one needed to access the paid members areas on the main site(s).


Lastly, make sure you’re entering your user name and password exactly as you entered it when you signed up such as in all lower case letters with numbers on the end (no spaces or dashes).  Sometimes your software will capitalize the first letter of the user name as it recognizes it as name or a title.


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Question: Why do I need a password for the Training Course?


Why do I need to have and use a password to get the FREE pages and samples that you use in your Computer Scrapbooking 101 Mini-Course?




What we are trying to do is to show you how easy it is to use our Subscription Members Area on the main site as well as protect our content from web copy thiefs.  Many of our users are beginners and are not familiar with what a membership site is and how it works.  We have found this to be the best way to date to show them how it works and what it's all about.


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Question:  How do I get around and use the Mini-Course?


How do I get around and use the Computer Scrapbooking 101 Mini-Course?




You can page forward and backwards through the lessons at your own pace via the links at the bottom of the last page in each part and by the menu on the left side of the first page of each lesson. 


That way you don't have to wait for the next lesson to come in the mail if you don't want to and also so you can go back and review should you need to at any time.


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Question:  Problems downloading OpenOffice


Hi Kathy,

Well I do not know why, but I am unable to download Open Office.  I have tried three times and although it says it is downloading - it never finishes!  Is there any thing else I can try?




Unfortunately, it's a very large program (65+ Meg) and some dial-up connections are just not able to maintain a clear signal for a long enough duration of time to download the file without errors.  For modem users, it could take as long as 3 ½ hours to download.


There are two possible solutions though. 


First thing you can try is a program such as Fresh Download Manager.  It will download the program for you and keep track of where it leaves off should the connection terminate for any reason.  That way you can just pick up where you left off and not have to start over again. 


If you don’t like this one… just search for “download manger” in your favorite search engine to find more options…  I just like this one because it’s not real big and has no ads or other bad programs associated with it.  And, it works!


While there are no guarantees that this will work, it will greatly increase the odds for dial-up users.  It’s free, so it’s worth the effort.  It will also help with all downloads from our site once you become an annual member.


Second, for just shipping and CD costs (about $5.00) you can have a CD with the latest version of the program sent direct to your home.  Just go to and choose the Order a CD option in the green box on that page.


From there, you will get a list of places to order from.  Choose the

Closest for quickest turn around time, but any of the choices in your country will work with only a day or two difference in mail times.


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Question:  I extracted the program… can’t find it.


I have downloaded the program but I'm having trouble finding it.  A friend of mine put some sort of unzip program on my computer I clicked extract and it finished, but I don't see the program any place and I don't have an icon on my windows desk top.  Can you please help me?




When you download the program, it normally begins to auto unzip as you stated.  Its default download location is the C: drive, Documents and Settings, your signon name, My Documents, in it's own directory.  It should be something like:  OOo_4.1.4_Win32Intel_install


Note: Other operating systems other than Windows will still have the OOo_4.1.4_ as the start of the directory to look for.  As versions of the software change the directory name will change to.  For example, the next version might be OOo_5.0.1_ etc.


If you still can't find it, use the search function in Windows Explorer and look for "setup.exe" on all local drives.  It will probably find several.  You want the one that shows it's in the OOo_X.X.X_Win32Intel_install directory.  (X.X.X = current software version number)


By the way, that's the program to double click on to start the final install process of the program.


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Question:  I need MS Office to be the default program again.


How do I set MS Office so that it is my default software again?  All of my work attachments are now opening in this Open Office, which is not approved by my company.  I don't want to remove Open Office - just set it so it is not automatically the default for my Outlook and other Office attachments (work stuff).




First off, I’m so sorry this happened. That’s why we have the warning in our instructions for install and why the warning during the install when it asks if you want this to be your default for office files and tells you that you can always make it the default, but cannot undue it once it is set through it’s software. (Not easily anyway!)


I’m not sure if this will work, but your best bet is to open your file list (windows explorer).  Choose the “Tools” menu, then the “Folder Options” and the “File Types” tab.


Now scroll down to the “ADN" Microsoft Access Blank Project Extension and click on it once to highlight it.  Now, if it doesn’t say Opens with: Microsoft Access for Windows, then press the Change button and tell the software to use Access. (Usually under the Recommended Programs folder in the new window that opens)


Now you will have to repeat this process for each Microsoft Access/Word/Excel/and PowerPoint file type.  If you don’t have all of these, don’t worry; just change the ones you do.  This is the complete office list (Office Pro), so skip any that don’t apply.


In Case they no longer say Microsoft … file due to the change, here’s the list of 3 letters to modify and the programs they go with:










If this doesn’t work, I’m afraid that uninstall may be your only option or a re-install/fix of MS Office.  If you choose to un-install OpenOffice and then re-install it, it should work just fine.  However, click no when it asks you if you want OO to be your default program.


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Question:  Use of sites by schools?


I am a principal of a middle school in North Miami.  We are planning to offer the students an elective course in scrapbooking.  This course will begin in September.  Can you send me any product samples that I might be able to use in regard to curriculum, student projects, teacher lesson plans and general samples?  Thank you!




Let's see if I can answer your questions and get you the information/examples that you requested. is a total digital site and provides all our

products/services as downloadable products.  We currently provide a free Computer Scrapbooking 101 Mini-Course on-line and will have an MS Word version of the training completed by the end of July 2005.  The Word version is meant for use by our local trainers, but we would be happy to provide it to schools and non-profits as well.  This document is also free of charge and carries no copyright limitations.  You are free to customize, modify, add to and otherwise turn it into anything you might need. 


Our course and tutorial is based on the OpenOffice software, but could easily be updated for MS Office (PowerPoint) - with some limitations.  MS Office does not do all that OpenOffice is capable of doing.  We also have a PDF and PowerPoint version of our basic training for use with MS PowerPoint.


At this time, we are also testing and researching two other free software products for use with our templates and training.  Unfortunately, those will not be completed before your start deadline.


36 Sample papers can be downloaded within our course (lesson 6) and also carry no limitations to their use.  They are meant to be used with the tutorials and to practice what is learned in the course, but as they are printable and the GIFs can be used with almost any photo or scrapbook software, they make good trials for most any program. 


Quick note, you do not have to wait for the mails for the individual lessons.  You can skip forward and backward through our lessons with the links at the bottom of the last page of each on-line lesson.  That way, you can check things out and learn at your own pace.


Terms of use are on the site, but the short version is this:  You cannot sell or give away any of our blank template pages without prior written permission from  You can create and print as many completed pages as you wish, including selling the completed pages for profit.  No special license is currently required to provide scrapbook page creation services using our pages.  We do ask that you let us know if you plan on doing this so that we will be able to contact those individuals should this change in the future for any reason. 


Other than that, we just ask that should someone ask where the pages come from, that you let him or her know about us.

One other thing you may wish to consider:


I don't know how long this class is, but it could be turned into a school yearbook or quarterly school activities class that would include both the photo layouts as well as journaling articles and stories that could then be made into hardbound books at the end of the year (or semester). 


These books could then be pre-ordered and sold as a fundraiser for the school.  They could even be produced quarterly and include the special events and sports activities for that portion of the year.  This is much more economical than traditional yearbooks and since they are created by the kids... they are also much more personal and desirable for the parents to own as well.


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Question:  Site Overview – What do I get?


Kathy, I’m a beginner and I’m a little overwhelmed by the amount of information that we have access to on the site.  Can you give me just the basics and an overview of what I get with my membership?




I'm going to see if I can give you the quick tour without getting too carried away.


First, for a good overview of what we are and how we work, you can check us out on either PrincessCrafts or  Just look for the link to "How it Works" in the left menu of most of our pages. 


That said, here's the custom tour tailored to a Deluxe Membership level.


In simple terms, you now have access to the member’s area on 3 sites (all with your one signon):


8.5x11 Area

12x12 Area

Landscape 11x8.5 Area


As a bonus, you get access to Wordscraps, Clipart and several scrapbooking eBooks along with our exclusive Twas the Night Before Christmas Storybook Scrapbook areas in all 3 sizes.


To access any of the pages or stationeries, just go to the site that has the format you wish to download and enter the member's area (not to be confused with the members training area in the mini-course) or to our Main Hub page at   Enter your user name and password to get in when asked.  Once inside, use the left hand menu's to find the file type you wish to work with:


PDF for hand scrapping, PNG for journaling and computer scrapbooking or .doc/.jpg on the stationery site.


The Mini-course you took does a really good job of going through the basics with you.  It starts you off with beginner hand scrapping, proceeds into beginning computer scrapbooking for journaling and basic artwork and finishes with completing scrapbook pages, including pics, all on your computer. 


Once the basic course is done, we don't stop there, we follow-on with intermediate lessons on a few of the more advanced, but useful capabilities of the software (and many other programs).  Then every few months, with our newsletter, we try and add another new lesson to the series.


We of course recommend to all beginners that the best way to start is with the free software that we found.  It's really easy to use, yet has many of the more advanced features found in the more advanced (read expensive) graphic applications.  MS PowerPoint is also a great tool for computer scrapbooking for those that have office on their computers already. 


While it too is very easy to use, it doesn't do all the things that are possible in the OpenOffice Suite.


Our PNG file format is compatible with almost all graphic and scrapbook software.  That's one of the biggest reasons we put our pages in that format.  Just consult your users manual for inserting or importing graphics.


You now have access to more than 5000 different pages on PrincessCrafts with different colors and art themes and designs.  As an added bonus, you also have full access to all the pages in our bonus clipart and wordscrap phrases areas. 


All sites add new pages each month (50 or more each month).


In the left hand menu in the Members Area, we also provide links to fonts, clipart, e-books and other bonus items that we make available to our members at no charge.


It’s a lot of stuff and a lot of information… we know, but with just a couple of trips through the menu’s and the sites, you’ll be locating and downloading all you need.  Anytime day or night!


I hope that between this, the tutorials and the "How it Works" page, I have answered all your questions.  If not, just ask away. We love helping and we pride ourselves in doing all we can to see that our members get more than they pay for.


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