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Cheryl Stephens,

Love your site. I am disable and this site is the only way that I can scrapbook. Its so easy and with the book WOW!!! That would really help :- ). I am hoping that the cost will be affordable for me to. Thanks for all your hard work!!! It not only helps me to scrapbook but it keeps my mind busy :-) Thanks again Cheryl

These are such great Scrapebooks



Hi Kathy; just to let you know that I'm enjoying your pages so much. As I told you when I signed with you, I wouldn't bother you anymore after the few first days of questions.

I'm making a beautiful scrapbook for my grandaughter and i'm using Microsoft Picture it like one of your clients suggested and it is really easy.

Sometimes I add a few more things to your frames and they look wonderful.

Thank you for your beautiful work!!!!!!!!!

Monica Newton


Wow Kathy!

You and Wes have been really busy!  I must say that the new site turned out spectacular!
I may try my computer scrapping on the 12x12...
Up till now I only tried small pages but when you're working digitally the sky is the limit, isn't it??

Lots of compliments to you and Wes and I'm looking forward to seeing more of this! 
Elly from the Netherlands

"This was my first time using your pages.  It was so easy, maybe I'll get caught up on my huge backlog of pictures!" 
Mary Ellen from Michigan

"I have just started to scrapbook and just started using a computer. Your site is wonderful."  Vicki from Minnesota


"What a quick way to get layouts for us layout challenged people LOL."  Terry


"I forgot to mention how great the site is, I have already used some of the western items.  My son is a calf roper in rodeos and also has a ranch, so I really enjoy the cowboy things.  Thank you so much."  Dianne from Florida





Newest Reviews 

Craft Business Books:

Kathy and I loved this book so much and learned so much from it that we applied in our own Scrapbook Business.  In fact, we got so much out of it that we contacted David and made arrangements to host it right here in the PrincessCrafts Members area.

What's more, we added 456 custom hi-res commercially licensed Photo Greeting Card Templates to the package!  You can't get these anywhere else in the world...

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 Featured Books 

The Scrapbook Book Reviews:

Just a few of the books I've found and recommend.  Any one of them would make a great addition to your home library.


Children's Books:

Mama Panya's Pancakes:  On market day, Mama Panya s son Adika invites everyone he sees to a pancake dinner. How will Mama Panya ever feed them all? This clever and heartwarming story about Kenyan village life teaches the importance of sharing, even when you have little to give.

We had fun with this book -- my daughter thought the boy was just being "bratty" until we talked about how everyone contributed and how sharing led to more for everyone. Then she "got it", and now requests we read it often. The recipe for the pancakes is also easy and kids are able to help. Great book -- we also loved the illustrations -- some parts reminded us of life in Haiti which our Haitian-American kids loved

A. Miller
Broomfield, CO


Scrapbooking Books:  


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Phrases and Quotes e-book for scrapbooking

Scrapbook Titles And Phrases eBook 
"... I can look up a sticker or die cut by name and find an appropriate title." 
Melissa R. - Houston, TX

Which also includes these great bonus books:

Crafts Sayings E-Book Scrapbook BonusScrapbooking for Beginners E-Book Computer Scrap Bonus

The Friendly Gifts Craft Sayings E-book ($7.95 value)


The Friendly Gifts Scrapbooking For Beginners E-book ($7.95 value)

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Spring projects
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This one isn't exactly a Scraping book, but since a lot of you have been asking about digital images and digital photography...  Amy contacted us and said she had just the answer for all the amateur digital photographers out there.  We checked it out and I have to say, even though I've taken some photography courses at the college level; this book taught me more in a couple of hours that I learned in weeks in some of my classes.  This one's a keeper.  So, if you want to know how to turn your average photo's into pictures you'll be really proud of, check out Amy's book:

Digital Photography Success


Digital Phography Success beginners photo training book. 

 Now you can take the digital photos you ve always wanted, have them turn out to a professional quality that you'll be supremely proud of......

.....even if you ve never used a digital camera before and don't know anything about photography. 


Little Kid Crafts For All Seasons 

  • "...very usefull and full of good pictures and well detailed directions." -- Donna Laurinaho, Laurium, Michigan 

  • "...child care providers will find this product very useful for the children." -- Jaci Seerat, West Milton, Ohio

 Top Reviews 

Some of the reviews are obtained from's site.

The Decorated Page: Journals, Scrapbooks & Albums Made Simply Beautiful by Gwen Diehn (Author)

Reviewer: Karin Bartimole from New Rochelle, NY USA

Gwen Diehn does a wonderful job of demystifying the process of creating a visual journal. With complete instructions and suggestions of what materials to use and how to use them she has given us a workshop in a book! Throughout the book are color photos of journal pages from everyday people with everyday experiences who, through their collages, writings, and drawings, show us how to make each day extra-ordinary.

How to Organize Your Scrapbook Workspace by Memory Makers

Editorial Reviews Book Description
An organized workspace makes scrapbooking quicker, easier and more enjoyable. Learn to make the most of the craft space you have available, whether it s a tiny corner or an entire room. Includes tips for planning and creating an efficient workspace, affordable storage solutions, great flea market scrapbook storage buys, options for cropping-on-the-go, ergonomically correct work solutions and ways to child-proof your scrapbooking area. Plus, advice from veteran scrapbookers that will help keep your workspace running like a well- oiled machine.

Baby Scrapbooks: Ideas, Tips, and Techniques for Baby Scrapbooks

Reviewer: Debbie Davis from Lee's summit, Missouri United States

This was a great idea book. Get this book before your baby even arrives to help give you pointers on what to take pictures of and things to keep for your scrapbook. Plus, it helps pass the time by! After my baby was born I still had "fetal-brain-drain" and needed ideas for page layouts. In the back there are ideas for page titles and poems to include in your baby's book. Well worth the money......

Memory Makers Creative Photo Cropping for Scrapbooks: Steps for Turning Your Photos into Works of Art

Reviewer: Tiffany from Kalamazoo, MI United States

This book has some great ideas. It is more than the normal scrapbook ideas with cute paper and stickers. It has so many unique ideas so that you scrapbook won't be just like everyone elses. Most of the layouts are going to be a little more time consuming than the usualy ones but would be well worth it. I have just got this book and have already looked through it about 5 times and took it to work and had everyone else (at least the scrapbookers) and they loved it too. The ideas are simple enough for the novice or advanced scrapbooker. There are also no special materials required. Most ideas only take a lot of cutting, some edged scissors and normal cardstock and paper. i highly recommend it!