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Hi Kathy; just to let you know that I'm enjoying your pages so much. As I told you when I signed with you, I wouldn't bother you anymore after the few first days of questions.

I'm making a beautiful scrapbook for my grandaughter and i'm using Microsoft Picture it like one of your clients suggested and it is really easy.

Sometimes I add a few more things to your frames and they look wonderful.

Thank you for your beautiful work!!!!!!!!!

Monica Newton


Wow Kathy!

You and Wes have been really busy!  I must say that the new site turned out spectacular!
I may try my computer scrapping on the 12x12...
Up till now I only tried small pages but when you're working digitally the sky is the limit, isn't it??

Lots of compliments to you and Wes and I'm looking forward to seeing more of this! 
Elly from the Netherlands

"This was my first time using your pages.  It was so easy, maybe I'll get caught up on my huge backlog of pictures!" 
Mary Ellen from Michigan

"I have just started to scrapbook and just started using a computer. Your site is wonderful."  Vicki from Minnesota


"What a quick way to get layouts for us layout challenged people LOL."  Terry


"I forgot to mention how great the site is, I have already used some of the western items.  My son is a calf roper in rodeos and also has a ranch, so I really enjoy the cowboy things.  Thank you so much."  Dianne from Florida





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